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Milk, 2014

This piece of work attempts to re-interpret financial data graphically. The recent crisis has had a major effect on society yet for the average person it can often feel like an abstract entity. 

I assigned a stock market to each of the four vessels in the image. In this piece I focussed on the FTSE 100, the Dow Jones, the DAX & the Nikkei 225. Throughout the 52 images the levels of milk change according to the data collected at the end of each trading week. 

This gives a year long record of the growth and recession of each stock market through out the year of 2012.

I used milk for several reasons: it is a universal vital commodity; in historic painting it is a symbol of wealth; and in biblical illustration it is a symbol of purity. I found these meanings reflected the conflicted relationship we have with all things financial.

tom brannigan : milk 2.jpg