April 2018 - 

Recent studio tests with refraction, light and colour. 

April 2018 - 

I'll be showing new work as part of a pop up group show called New: Defence on the 28th of April at Coalhouse Fort in East Tilbury, Essex. Follow @newdefence for more information. 


March 2018 - 

Print Theorem Spring / Summer 2018 Campaign with Georgie Hobday from Profile Models, Make Up by Charli Avery, Hair by Ryuta Saiga and Set Design by Zoe Klinck. 

February 2018 - 

My latest editorial for Schön! Magazine "You and Me" for Valentines day - Set Design by Sophie Iona.


January 2018 - 

My new story "Young Sole" for F Word Magazine now out - Set Design by Zoe Klinck. 

December 2017 - 

Happy Christmas!

My agent at Tonic Reps asked me to shoot a self portrait for our upcoming book, here is a still life version shot on type 55 polaroid. 

November 2017 - 

Print Theorem Autumn / Winter 2017 Campaign, Set Design by Zoe Klinck. 

October 2017 - 

"A visual study of Youth" for F Word Magazine, Set Design by Zoe Klinck. 

September 2017 - 

Our story "Interplay" for Schön! Magazine, Maisie Daniels from Profile Models, Make Up by Charli Avery, Post Production by Studio Navona.

August 2017 - 

"Everyday" Campaign for Tottenham Hotspur FC, Set Design by Zoe Klinck, Post Production by Studio Navona and Creative Direction by Guerrilla. 

July 2017 -

New beauty story "Pollen Angel" in Rakes Progress #5 - with Thea Hudson from Profile Models, Make Up by Charli Avery, Flower Styling by Carla Gottlieb / Still Life Flowers.   

June 2017 - 

My festival themed story "Excess Baggage" for Notion Magazine 76 - Fashion by Kiera Liberati.