June 2018 - 

New installation piece at Unity Projects during Clerkenwell Design Week in collaboration with The Full Service. Check out hellounity.com for more information. Install shots with Niamh from Profile Models.

May 2018 - 

My short animation as part of the Hunger TV #getdancing campaign for international dancing day, Choreography by Sophia Melvin. 


April 2018 - 

Recent studio tests with refraction, light and colour. 

April 2018 - 

New work as part of a pop up group show called New: Defence on the 28th of April at Coalhouse Fort in East Tilbury, Essex.


March 2018 - 

Print Theorem Spring / Summer 2018 Campaign with Georgie Hobday from Profile Models, Make Up by Charli Avery, Hair by Ryuta Saiga and Set Design by Zoe Klinck. 

February 2018 - 

My latest editorial for Schön! Magazine "You and Me" for Valentines day - Set Design by Sophie Iona.


January 2018 - 

My new story "Young Sole" for F Word Magazine now out - Set Design by Zoe Klinck. 

December 2017 - 

Happy Christmas!

My agent at Tonic Reps asked me to shoot a self portrait for our upcoming book, here is a still life version shot on type 55 polaroid. 

November 2017 - 

Print Theorem Autumn / Winter 2017 Campaign, Set Design by Zoe Klinck. 

October 2017 - 

"A visual study of Youth" for F Word Magazine, Set Design by Zoe Klinck. 

September 2017 - 

Our story "Interplay" for Schön! Magazine, Maisie Daniels from Profile Models, Make Up by Charli Avery, Post Production by Studio Navona.

August 2017 - 

"Everyday" Campaign for Tottenham Hotspur FC, Set Design by Zoe Klinck, Post Production by Studio Navona and Creative Direction by Guerrilla. 

July 2017 -

New beauty story "Pollen Angel" in Rakes Progress #5 - with Thea Hudson from Profile Models, Make Up by Charli Avery, Flower Styling by Carla Gottlieb / Still Life Flowers.   

June 2017 - 

My festival themed story "Excess Baggage" for Notion Magazine 76 - Fashion by Kiera Liberati.